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Suffragette Suffragete by Ashlynnii Suffragette Suffragete by Ashlynnii
You test me no more
I'm calm
Now absent
I'm date-rape yellow, black to the liver
come on
take my lung
take my loose tongue
take my sum
take my memory of
nothing at all, nothing at all is what you remind me."

- Suffragette Suffragette, Everything Everything…

Look, I can't seem to figure out a consistent design for Brackets! Oh, and it's also a follow-up vent to a cheerful drawing, almost forgot to mention that. This is just something that I've been meaning to draw for a while; something to get off of my chest. I've been feeling, I don't know.... upset over this? I will not be naming any names for the sake of the community's general safety, but this community.... I feel that I can't really do anything. I feel like that no matter what I do, I'm ghosting them even though I want to participate, I want to have fun with them, but I just.... can't. They're exclusive, they're designer, and if you're like me, no matter what you do, the creator looks down upon us with shame, even though they don't say anything about it. Again, not naming any names, but the eye... you can probably tell from that palette and pattern what I'm talking about. So I want to ask... should I stay with them? On one hand, I'll keep that heavy sense of invisibility and lack of worth in the community, yet... I still have hope that... that I may be able to do something at some point, maybe even earn something.... never mind, I just don't know anymore; maybe I'll just hold out until it collapses in on itself, maybe that'll be funny.
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March 4
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