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Genie Jacker {Cuphead parasite TFRP} by Ashlynnii Genie Jacker {Cuphead parasite TFRP} :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 2 13 Djimmi disguise by Ashlynnii Djimmi disguise :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 3 0
Magician's Curse {Djimmi TFTG Twinning HP MC}
“You look like a fool, falling for the first trick I learnt in genie school.”
What a spectacle. Rows upon rows of sitting people in the dark, talking unintelligible gossip while waiting for a show to start. At the front was a wide stage, concealed with deep red curtains.  Behind the curtains was a large back stage, with numerous people within the room either holding drums or going out for light management. Two people in particular stood out, one sitting and the other pacing around in an almost panicked manner; a masked, cloaked figure and a rather busty lady in a sharp suit that did barely anything at all to hold her bust. The lady wore a top hat and large black high-heels, and her suit was black and white; her long hair was a dark brown, and she had light blue eyes, along with wearing blush on her pale skin that made her nervous face look even more red than it already was.
“Jim, Jim, Jim, what are we going to do? What are we going to do?” the
:iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 10 0
Not So Foolish {aHiT Snatcher TFTG PSN MC}
“Please… *huff* have mercy…”
“Hhhghh… Why’d I even agree to this?”
A woman slammed her head repeatedly against a table, her pen rattling and the paper on her table shifting on each slam. Sheryl Samson, studier of law, had been picked from among a raffle of people, without even knowing of the existence of a raffle. She was invited to meet face-to-face with the newest queen, Vanessa, to make some amends between her particular law school and the royals. Her blond hair splayed itself across the table and she sighed, and she felt like she was going to vomit; she hated that queen, and she just seemed uncanny to her. She brushed the hair away, taking the long hair and braiding it up sloppily, before heaving herself off of the table.
“Looks like she won’t be getting the treaty.” She growled, looking at the paper and pen; it was going to be a speech script, but she didn’t even have any time to prepare,
:iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 8 2
Blues the Snake {friend art} by Ashlynnii Blues the Snake {friend art} :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 11 245 Who's this chump? by Ashlynnii Who's this chump? :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 8 10 I'm still trying to figure out my FACE by Ashlynnii I'm still trying to figure out my FACE :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 3 19
Murder on the Mischief Express {aHiT FtM TFTG}
“Peck neck!”
Disappointed groans interspaced between many slams of a head on a wall, the breathing harsh and bright in the cold, snowy night. She slugged her way under a streetlight, before sitting on a frosted bench, shuffling her mitten-covered hands to flip down her dark hood, brown hair scattering over her now-scarred forehead.  She growled, folding her arms around her body while shivering from the cold. Cynthia has been waiting for the train for seven hours, and it was five hours late in the middle of snowy December, and it had long since become night. A crowd had grown around where the train was supposed to be, and Cynthia shifted her eyes all around; in her mind, this scene could be a short film on its own right, probably a comedy, based around group insanity.
She stamped her thick boots on the ground, breathing out deeply; this train was supposed to be her
:iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 5 6
Quantum Coding {Dr. Kahl FtM TFTG MC}
“Yer calculations are a bit off… with a quantum twist!”
An enraged roar seemed to shake the entire household, along with furious stomping, before harsh breathing as an option was selected. Rebecca Kathrine was home alone for the week, and decided to dedicate much of that time to playing Cuphead. She had made it through most of the other bosses, until a roadblock smacked her across the face: Dr. Kahl. For the last three days, she had been trying to beat Dr. Kahl, with… less than stellar results. She had yet to even get past phase two with the homing bombs and flying head, until today, and she had lost again without getting a single hit on the last phase due to the barriers. Over seventy deaths to this boss, and she was fuming with rage, her long brown hair frazzled with wild strands and her blue eyes almost looking red.
She started up the bo
:iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 9 0
Swashbuckler Peridot {HK} by Ashlynnii Swashbuckler Peridot {HK} :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 4 16 Don Fluffles {SAO Abridged} by Ashlynnii Don Fluffles {SAO Abridged} :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 2 8 Cuphead ToG phase three by Ashlynnii Cuphead ToG phase three :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 5 22 Cuphead ToG phase two by Ashlynnii Cuphead ToG phase two :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 8 4 Cuphead TOG phase one by Ashlynnii Cuphead TOG phase one :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 7 2 Splice Vessel {Vesselfication} by Ashlynnii Splice Vessel {Vesselfication} :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 5 13 Toon/Cuphead style Brackets by Ashlynnii Toon/Cuphead style Brackets :iconashlynnii:Ashlynnii 7 18


Meme : Old Meets New! by Kiboku Meme : Old Meets New! :iconkiboku:Kiboku 1,800 294 Hollow Knight: ''The Pale King'' by magicofgames Hollow Knight: ''The Pale King'' :iconmagicofgames:magicofgames 23 32 Cuphead ToG Crossover by FlaccidPumpkin Cuphead ToG Crossover :iconflaccidpumpkin:FlaccidPumpkin 6 3 Undertale - 2nd Anniversary by v0idless Undertale - 2nd Anniversary :iconv0idless:v0idless 2,829 134 Blues the snake by Ponythe13th Blues the snake :iconponythe13th:Ponythe13th 1 0 Hollow Knight: Queensmould Redesign by magicofgames Hollow Knight: Queensmould Redesign :iconmagicofgames:magicofgames 20 12 Okoh and Grakz by TinyTentacle by magicofgames Okoh and Grakz by TinyTentacle :iconmagicofgames:magicofgames 11 11 FAILURES by TicciChiKitty FAILURES :iconticcichikitty:TicciChiKitty 27 3 Elevator selfie by TODD-NET Elevator selfie :icontodd-net:TODD-NET 229 3 Frilled Cagney by Claire-Drake-Corrupt Frilled Cagney :iconclaire-drake-corrupt:Claire-Drake-Corrupt 26 1 Floral Fury by TheSketchySide Floral Fury :iconthesketchyside:TheSketchySide 83 3 Hollow Knight: The forsaken Child by magicofgames Hollow Knight: The forsaken Child :iconmagicofgames:magicofgames 41 24 The forgotten Warrior by TinyTentacle by magicofgames The forgotten Warrior by TinyTentacle :iconmagicofgames:magicofgames 21 11 Another Super Cool Character by VCR-WOLFE Another Super Cool Character :iconvcr-wolfe:VCR-WOLFE 446 69 Maymay species sheet (semi-open) by bigblueghost Maymay species sheet (semi-open) :iconbigblueghost:bigblueghost 110 39 Hollow Knight: Nightmare Realm Enemies Part 2 by magicofgames Hollow Knight: Nightmare Realm Enemies Part 2 :iconmagicofgames:magicofgames 31 25


I like the picture, but here is my critique: the lighting could use more detail, and the paintbrush wasn't really needed. The shading a...

The picture is very well drawn. There are only a few problems I have. The blood is one solid color, you could have added a little shine...

Its pretty good, but the ear on the other side is a little too long (work a little on the perspective) and the lines seem a bit shaky. ...


Taken from beast-meast 

1. Introduce your characters and give some basic information on each, so others can get to know them as well. If you don't have 5, make one up.
1) Brackets - my main per/fursona; local god, shape-shifter, and reality warper
2) Jozlynn - Large character in the "Fellgaijah" canon; runaway heir due to bad parents and dimension jumper, with a World Agent companion and other powers. Has intense paranoia of becoming like his parents, and some self esteem issues.  
3) Neo - Jozlynn's World Agent companion. The presiding World Agent of paranoia, hence why Jozlynn can see her. World Agent under E-Waltt "Instinct," under house "Belief."
4) Talon - Big character in the "Nightriser" canon. Mentally disabled and eccentric, yet intelligent and highly proficient magic user that, due to the incident that damaged his body and mind, is stuck speaking an old language, and requires his half sister Krankas to translate.
5) Billy - Prasinohaema virens skink that works with Talon and Krankas. Meek and cowardly, yet proficient with technology and science, they tend to flee from danger, and use their highly toxic blood (lots of biliverdin that would normally kill a person) as a last resort option.

2. Character 1 and 4 are transported to a different time in the Past or the Future. How did they get there and what do they do when they realize it?
Brackets probably dragged them there. Brackets would flee, and Talon would freak out before using magic to teleport to some random place in time and space, where Krankas would have to search or Jozlynn would come across him.

3. Character 3 bumps into Character 1 or Character 5, in the different time you choose in question 2 and asks them for help. Why did they need help?
She probably wanted to know if he knew who the panicking bird person with magic was and that Jozlynn needs assistance; Billy doesn't see her, however.

4. Character 2 feeling left out, has tagged along with Character 1 or Character 5. Are they welcome on the adventure by Character 3? Explain why or why not.
Jozlynn would probably be attacked by a frenzied Talon, and Neo (3) is with him at all times.

5. Character 4 gets bored and decides they want to cause trouble. Choose the character they pick on and tell us what they do.
He would probably choose Billy if he's back in Nightriser, and would just do some mild teasing. If in Fellgaijah, he would go for Jozlynn due to him understanding his speech and being able to keep toe-to-toe with him.

6. The Character you did not pick in question 2 manages to rescue everyone from the different time. Do all your characters like this? If not, which ones objected and why?
They'd all prefer to be in their own timelines. Brackets will cause more chaos later.

7. Everyone but Character 1 are tired from the trip. What do they do after everyone is asleep?
She'd go to another dimension or talk with her Somek-coreresten (real me) or other Somek-coreresten's agents.

8. Uh oh. Character 1 was caught by Character 2. What do they think of Character 1's actions?
He'd be confused by her weird fascinations with TFs and leave to try and never think of her weird RPs again.

9. Character 5 gets woken up by a scream the next morning. Which character was it screaming and why were they screaming?
Talon, from an incident-related nightmare, or encountering Ziolu and TeReBi in their home.

Everyone is now up and their eating breakfast, at the same table. Who made breakfast? Who is not the morning person? Who tries to skip the meal and why? Which one starts a food fight? Do they get help cleaning up after the food fight? (This is a really good way to torment your characters)
Talon was probably the one who made the food; Neo would skip by her nature of not being seen by anyone but Jozlynn (or anyone extremely paranoid) and Brackets skips due to being on the computer. Billy would start the fight by accident from tinkering with machinery at the table, and Brackets would clean up while trying to keep Jozlynn from strangling Billy.

11. Your done! Have each of your characters pick their favorite word or phrase/quote and write it down! Please try and keep it clean.
1) "Indeed." (I say that a lot)
2) "How about the World's End?" (it's a cafe/pub)
3) "We should probably get going; preferably into a different dimension." (doesn't like people in general)
4) "Nixo maiilap regg" (Hello/Good day)
5) "As long as you leave me to my business, things'll go smoothly."


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