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oI won't be able to upload drawings or access Tumblr properly for the summer. My apologies!

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Any Griffian you own that has participated in this Carnival

Stolen from midighost 

 - spell out your user and name a song beginning w/ the letter then tag as many people as there is letters (can't really get that many)

A - Addressed (Greydon Square)
s - Suffragette Suffragette (Everything Everything)
h - Hornet (Hollow Knight OST)
l - Lousie the Lab Rat (Living Toumbstone/Glaze remix)
y - ???
n - ???
n - ???
i - It's Raining Men Remix (The Living Tombstone ft.Eilemonty)
i - I'm So Sorry (Imagine Dragons)

I tag.... TheStalkerBunny beast-meast 
Stolen from Sinfirmitas 

1. Your Fursona/Persona!

Your character that represents you!
Brackets ref 2017 by Ashlynnii

A dreamform abombination! :D

2. Your 'Guardian Angel'

You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong.
You probably have a deep emotional connection with this character.

I don't have a character like that.

3. Your Sunshine!

A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colors.
or maybe they are very cute. A character who's your own personal sun.

Probably my 'sona again :,D

4. The Odd One

The odd ball character you're not sure why you have, but you treasure them deeply. Perhaps because they're just so weird?
Laeiagus ref by Ashlynnii
Probably Laeiagaus; my token "team prick" :P

5. Sentimental Value

Okay, now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old?
Talon ref 2.0 by Ashlynnii
Definitely Talon; he's by far my oldest character (but he's not that active anymore).

6. The fancy one!

You're flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy design.
Pater ref by Ashlynnii
Idk; maybe Pater? He has a lot going on in his design by my standards...

7. The rare one!

'The rarity' How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get. 
You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!

Don't have anyone like that.

8. Weird Attachment

Probably Talon, again; I don't use him much, but I'm still attached to him after all of these years...

9. The Fandom character

You heard me! FOrk them over!
Sleepover! by Ashlynnii
Look at them.... nAsty Homestucks... :D My trashy Homestuck children

10. The newbie

Oh How I Wish... by Ashlynnii

This guy I got from Plenii! I have another guy from them, but haven't drawn them myself yet.

I tag TheStalkerBunny and beast-meast ! Have fun, you two! ;P
I decided to try this again because it jolted back from the dead like some hivemind Frankenstein's monster. 


Type of Bagbean: Either Mythical or Tale; Jabberwocky (The Jabberwocky is public domain; I don't know whether it would be considered Tale or Mythical)
Bag or backpack: Backpack
Colors: Probably various tints of dark blue and green (such as teal, navy, and jade), with small bits of red/yellow
Gender: don't care
Patterns/markings: Stripes/spots (simple and consistent), solid different colors for lower and upper arm (like these  REBASE #11 - Snail by griffsnuff  #354 Floral Bagbean - Barbary Fig by griffsnuff) simple bold patterns
Hairstyle: something simple and easy to draw quickly, and short (like these  #338 Mythiflora Bagbean w/c - Glowingpine by griffsnuff REBASE #163 -Zoysia grass + extra by griffsnuff)
Acessories: Bandages (because edge)
Teeth yes or no: yes
Scars yes or no: Yes (simple and obvious placement)
Other: Maybe wings/different tail mutation

Type of Bagbean: Common, Dragonfly (because dragonflies are awesome!)
Bag or backpack: Backpack
Colors: Probably lots of oranges and blues, with whites and blacks
Gender: don't care
Patterns/markings: Lots of bold, solid blotches of color; maybe stripes near base of tail
Hairstyle: Something short, maybe in a pony-tail
Acessories: idk
Teeth yes or no: no
Scars yes or no: no
Other: Wings mutation

Type of Bagbean: NomNom, Mashed Potatoes (*insert Metalocalypse reference here*)
Bag or backpack: Bag
Colors: Probably pale colors, like pale yellow (maybe even orange)
Gender: idk (probably male)
Patterns/markings: lots of solid color blotches, simple markings
Hairstyle: either a Mohawk (like  #306 Bagbean - Eurasian Jay - CLOSED by griffsnuff) or a short ponytail
Acessories: Jacket
Teeth yes or no: no
Scars yes or no: no
Other: idk

So yea, decided to try this again.
Star! The first ten people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! 

Star! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

Star! The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list.

1. midighost 
  (I love your usage of color!)

2. TheStalkerBunny 
Mystery Island Yolanda by TheStalkerBunnyMarionette by TheStalkerBunnyExpermint of indeteriminate gender by TheStalkerBunny(Such interesting designs!)
As someone who also has a new, young (technically multiple, but still) closed species, I feel the need to feature this closed species; the Orox-Trik by :iconwraitheon1:. They have their own group right here :iconorox-trikorigins:
Orox-Trik: Species Guide by wraitheon1

As per the rules of the advertisement, and as a closed species enthusiast, I shall tag 4 people!
:iconbeast-meast: alphawolf1212 TheStalkerBunny Popcornguy13 
I've been lurking around the :iconcccats: group for a while now, and I've decided that I'll try for one! I don't have money to buy one, though (or any design, r.i.p), so I'm seeking one! I don't have much for offers, really; I don't have any other CS designs, but I am willing to offer free Engios customs (up to 4) for a CCCat. I could also throw in an extra custom World Agent as well. I apologize if I don't get to making designs right away; I'm on a bit of an art block.
Stolen from beast-meast and originally made by :iconwonder-waffle: and :iconmcp13: 

Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackRULESBullet; BlackBullet; Black
- You have to pick up 5(or more if you want) characters of yours and give them a fitting to the character music. It can be anything, original songs, movie soundtracks and even noises and ambient tracks.
Remember to put YouTube links or place them on journal.
- Also you MUST make a journal entry.
- Always remember to tag your friends. Up to 5 tags.

#1. Jozlynn Nyalls

Jozlynn ref by Ashlynnii

#2. Neo

Neo Ref by Ashlynnii

#3. Obgaia Lebnerswa (don't have a good ref for him yet; he's the white guy on the left)

Who are you really by Ashlynnii 

#4. Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit ref by Ashlynnii

#5. Jethro Walsh and Garde (don't have good refs for them, either; the bright purple eye belongs to Garde, while the grumpy fanged deer is Jethro Walsh)

Just a bunch of sketches by Ashlynnii

And I tag.... no one! well, except for probably alphawolf1212 
Made another group (same universe as Fellgaijah, just made to clean it up), and another WIP, called :iconplague-eaters-pardon:
I finally figured out how to use Paypal! So I can finally accept money from adoptables!
I finally figured out how to allow people to join my group! Here it is :iconthefellgaijanfallen:, join away!
Might as well join in. *shrug*

There are so many ideas! Wink/Razz I don't quite have a "Dream Bean," but I have a few ideas for beans I like. Here's a list, from most idyllic to lower tier:

Jabberwocky Tale Bean (Cursed or not; is "Jabberwocky" even public-domain enough to be a candidate for a Tale Bean?) (probably very green and blue, with dashes of red or yellow; maybe bandages, because those are cool)

(Any cursed bean, really)

Mashed Potatoes NomNom Bean (*insert Metalocalypse reference here*) (probably wears a jacket)

Dragonfly Bean (Because dragonflies are awesome!) (bag would be a backpack)

Amazonian Centipede Bean (All or nothing! Either a big creepy-crawly, or a tiny buzzwad! Wink/Razz)

Mosquito Bean (token "nobody likes you" character) 

Wyrm Mythical Bean (because dragons are awesome!)

Since the Jaberwocky is at the top, here's the hints.

Type of bagbean: Tale
Bag or backpack: either
Colors: Dark blues (teals), dark greens, reds, yellows, whites/blacks (so many options)
Gender: either
Patterns/markings: Spots or blots! maybe stripes or triangles.
Hairstyle: Short cut (maybe mohawk)
Acessories: bandages, leg bracers(?)
Teeth yes or no: Yes
Scars yes or no: depends on usage

There goes that silliness!
I hope you have a good day!
Decided to join in on :iconthecrazycatcow:'s bagbean meme! Bean MemeHey guys!
Have a bagbean-related meme ;3; feel free to do it, even if you aren't tagged 8D <3
1. Do you have a bean?
Yep, two precious bagbaes 

2. If so, what's his/her name?
Wallace and Rhue
3. Why did you name them that?
Wallace because I love that name and Rhue because Rhue's bag is a rhubarb 
4. Favorite bean ever?
 (Devon Closewool sheep)
(Golden bells)
5. How many bagbeans have you drawn?
pffft a lot
(around 123 beans aha)
6. If you get a bean, what will it be based off?
Longhorn or bluebonnet ;D
or maybe a skull item bb? Idk. 
7. What is your favorite drawing of a bagbean?(someone else's)

8.What is your favorite drawing of a bagbean? (Yours)

1. Do you have a bean?
Sadly, no

(skips questions two and three because I don't have any beans)

4. Favorite bean(s) ever? 

#315 Blessed Bagbean w/m2 - Narwhal by griffsnuff
#312 Blessed Item Bagbean w/m - Manga by griffsnuff
#285 Bagbean - Flamingo CLOSED by griffsnuff Nice, simple, easy-to-draw designs, yet still distinct!

5. Least favorite? 

#223 w/Mx2 Bagbean - Dire wolf by griffsnuff It looks beautiful, but it falls squarely into the "extremely complicated design" category, which makes it hard to draw (I tried to draw it, but my hand began hurting 1/3 way into the sketch, and Griff's usage of textures means I can never get the colors right, even with eye-dropper)

6. How many bagbeans have you drawn?
15 (not many)

7. If you get a bean, what will it be based off?
Hm... the possibilities (and possible in-jokes)! Dragonfly (common), mashed potatoes (NomNom, soul existence would be to be a Metalocalypse ref, probably).... so many possibilities! The Jabberwocky... Jersey Devil.... too many ideas for my brain to handle! ;P

8. What is your favorite drawing of a bagbean?(someone else's)

Toby2 by Pandachu
Tobias +5 by Pandachu
Danger! by Sindonic

(skips number nine)

10. which is your favorite category:
common, floral, nomnom, celestial, mythical, flora mythical, item, geo.

Hmmm... it's probably going to be a tie between celestial (possibilities), mythical (general design), and geo (general design; they look like they're made of liquid or something...)

11. What do you like best about bagbeans? 
The community! They aren't filled with horrible people (or brats) like some other groups I've danced around or looked into; these people also like to ask the questions ;)
12. Which is your favourite NPC?
Probably the cop bean triplets!

(skips questions 13, 14, and 14)

16. Favourite beanutation? Least favorite?
Favorite: double tail, long claws, extra arms, or horns
Least: pouch or whiskers

17. Floopdragons or Manyheadfloops?
I have never heard of a "manyheadfloop," so I'll go with floopdragon

(edit, there's more!)

17. Which Beantown is best Beantown?
Probably Kernalstown; seems sunny!

18. Favourite co-creature/companion/ally?

(skips 19)

20. How did you become interested in Bagbeans?
I don't really remember!

21. Do you have a favorite prompt or event so far? Which one?
Maybe the first Halloween costume contest! Do DTAs count?

22. Favourite type of Bean Art? (Digital, traditional, painting, sculpting animation...)
Hm.... depends.

23. Have you become artistically inspired through the magic of Bagbeans?

I don't quite know!

Now tag 3 other bean lovers!

Bagbean meme by TheCrazyCatCow and RestartBob
Ever heard of the World's End? Cafe, pub, bar, inn, tavern, any variant of those; a dining place with the name "(The) World's End?" I have, and from places I never expected. I used to go to a place in Louisiana owned by some relatives called “The World’s End,” it was a cafe, and a nice place (it’s closed now). It wasn’t until a year or two ago that I had begun noticing how the World’s End seemed to be.... everywhere. There’s a place in WoW called the “World’s End Tavern,” a move called “The World’s End” about a pub crawl to the titular place, multiple comic books with “World’s End” dining.... with none of them having any relation to each other. I’ve noticed that and I recently began wondering; “How did the concept of “the World’s End” dining get so popular?” It’s almost as if it’s a strange multi-dimensional constant; something that is present everywhere yet have no relation to each other. How did such an odd concept (A inn/pub/tavern/cafe/bar/etc. called “(The) Word’s End”) permeate into our media and culture so absent-mindedly, and where did it originate? I can’t find any information about it anywhere, and it makes my brain itch. I’m adding a World’s End to my world of Fellgaijah (based off the location my relatives owned, not the movie, games, or comics), and it made me wonder.
I made a wiki for the world of Fellgaijah…  It's still a WIP, but I think I'm making progress.
I'm trying so sell adoptables; I'm starting out with the "premium content" download for 1500 points (15$; I'm going to try and convert them later). If that doesn't work, I'll just go with normal PayPal.