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The offering by Chocolatechilla

I like the picture, but here is my critique: the lighting could use more detail, and the paintbrush wasn't really needed. The shading a...

The picture is very well drawn. There are only a few problems I have. The blood is one solid color, you could have added a little shine...

Its pretty good, but the ear on the other side is a little too long (work a little on the perspective) and the lines seem a bit shaky. ...


What's this? A top list? That's the last thing you thought you'd see here, right? Well, anyway, here's a kind of rant-y list. "About what?" you ask? Binding of Isaac, or course! These are my top playable characters in the Binding of Isaac games.

13. Samson (*prepares flame shield*)

Let's see how many people hate me after this. Now, I have actual reasons for putting him this low. I really, really, really, REALLY hate his entire play style and play style concept. He's supposed to be a brawler, but plays a lot more like a glass canon. The thing is, he's not made for either of those. The entire concept is to take damage and waste health for more damage. This wouldn't be as bad if it weren't for his pitiful damage he starts with, making the damage he gets less than it should be for his play style. I know giving him more starting damage would probably break him, but because of the play style choices he's given, he would definitely need it. It's also encouraged to take devil deals despite this, basically going straight against this. Devil deals would give you better damage for their worth, anyways; at least those damage ups are permanent. He's not made for either of the play styles he's supposed to be, or basically a crappier Judas.

12. The Keeper (SPOILERS???)

Oh, hello there spoiler characters who's absolute crap; howya' doin'? Now for the spoilerest of spoiler characters here so far. I admit, I haven't unlocked him yet (not even close to), yet he looks insanity inducing. Only two health? And it's coins?! Whaaaaaaat?! So pretty much no devil deals?! Seriously?! I know he's a recent addition, and a secret, mind you, but seriously?!

11. Eve

There's a reason she's above Samson. She at least plays the style above right. Her damage may also start off terrible, but at least she has other things to back it up (dead bird and Whore of Babylon). Whore of Babylon may seem similar to Bloody Lust, but at least it's not as risky, and can even basically become permanent if you play your cards right. Dead Bird definitely helps, being able to let you damage from afar while it gets close and personal.

10. Blue Baby

Hey, at least he's low. His soul heart play style is pretty risky, even by this game's standards. Dark bum is a blessing to him, though, actually making those red hearts useful. The reason he's higher on the list than Eve and Samson is because some items become absolutely broken with him; especially Whore of Babylon, which is permanent all of the time with him.

9. Lazarus

Hey, nice luck stat there buddy; how 'bout a few pills for fun? He's low for a reason. His stats are a little worse for him; especially his luck stat... that he just so happens to kind of run on. Pills (which he gets a lot) will almost always be crap unless you're lucky (heh) enough to get PHD. The only real upside is his extra life.

8. Magdalene

Now, let me be blunt here; I am not a fan of the "Stone Wall" play style. It's one of the reasons I don't like playing the Heavy in TF2; too slow for my taste. She has good health, yes, but she's SOOOO BLEEDIN' SLOW. At least she can restore health, and Devil deals aren't as risky to her.

7. The Lost

Lookat' what we have here, one of the most hated characters in the game; time to say hi! Now you're probably wondering why he's kind of high on here. Ever since Afterbirth was released, he's gotten some much needed buffs (SPECTRAL TEARS. YES), and now he's bearable, and I've even kind of warmed up to him. The reason he's above Samson; wellllll, at least the Lost is played like an extra-careful normal playthrough. What I mean by that, is that you're trying to do what any normal person would do; dodge attacks. And because of his flight and spectral tears, he's not as risky anymore (*le camping over rocks*). Devil deals are also a lot less risky, as they take no health and are some of the most powerful items in the game; easily making him a glass canon if you play right. He's also good for bragging rights, so there's that.

6. Lilith

Hush little girl, just don't say a word; Incubus is gonna kill the one that hurt. I still like Lilith, despite the kind of harsh nerf she got a while back. Some qualities are pretty funny (ALL OF THE FAMILIARS), some are good (<<<<), but some items are crap with her (big tip, don't get Mom's Knife with here, because range, what range?)

5. Cain

Ah, the thief/rouge; chests fall before you. Cain is kind of high for a reason; he's a lot like Isaac. The only real difference is worse range, more speed, and silly little one eye related Easter eggs... when you start off, that is. When you donate enough to the Greed machine, you start off with the paper clip trinket. Trust me, it's a lot better than it sounds. With this trinket, golden chests fall before you, and is a god send is keys decide to avoid you like the plague. 

4. Eden

The resident wild cart of the cast, Eden is a character that's divided the fandom for a while now. From the concept of Eden tokens, to the whole concept of a randomized character in a game like this, you either love it or hate it. You'll either get crap, a golden setup, or anywhere in between. I like it (yes, Eden is technically an "it"), and most of the time his loadouts aren't crap for me. That's probably why I like Experimental Treatment; it's randomized, but almost always is just a straight upgrade for me.

3. Judas

If I'm to put this bluntly; Samson done right. As in, he's a good glass canon, done right. He has one heart (screw you, champions), but has above average damage, and gets even more with Book of Belial, which also guarantees Devil deals when used on a floor. Not great on the first two floors, but a god send anywhere later. He dishes out damage, but can't really take it.

2. Isaac

Hey, he's high, I hope you're all happy. He's one of the best characters in the game, The all around, jack-of-all-trades character, Isaac is definitely made for new players. If you unlock it, he can also start with one of the best items in the game (best dice ever). His starting bomb also makes getting marked rocks at the start of the game easier.

1. Azazel

Heh, look at that. You should have probably expected this one. Azazel is one of the most fun characters in the game for me. Being able to sweep through entire floors in under a minute, he's the resident speedy glass canon of the cast. What can I really say for a character with flight and a miniature brimstone laser? He's made to be pure, stress relieving fun.

I hope you guys don't mind the wall of text up there. Heh. 


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